Volume 2, Issue 4

Local Charities Offer Solution

by Alex Newman and Lyle Kossis

With more charities in North-Central Florida than almost anywhere on earth, locals are leading the way to help relieve suffering. One area man with a dream cares for orphans devastated by socialism while local students build homes for the poor here and in New Orleans.

April 2008

Toxic Water
by Gary R. Schor
Gainesville was the first place in Florida to “fluoridate” its water and mass-medicate the population without “informed consent,” but critics and researchers say the alleged benefits are not worth the adverse health effects.

Are Florida's Judges For Real?
by Paul Symons
A Florida lawyer armed with evidence of widespread criminal activity in the judiciary is finally bringing attention to the issue after making the accusations on national TV. The implications of the law could bring the state government to a standstill. Experts say the federal government may even need to step in.

State & Local Headlines At A Glance

National Headlines At A Glance

Report Card: Florida's Insurance Market Flunks
by Mary Lynn Richardson

Critics Blame Powerful Organization For Lack Of Positive 'Change'
by Ward Hegock

Florida Law Professor Challenges 'Pervasive' Government Spying
by Paul Symons

Being Rested And Renewed
by Michelle Bryant

Letters to the editor

"It is a misnomer to call a government republican in which a branch of the supreme power is independent of the nation."

—Thomas Jefferson

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